Event Duration
Sept 25 01:00 - Sept 28 00:59 EDT (GMT -4)

Event Rule:
For every 2,000 Gold purchased during the event, you'll get 1 chance to draw a special reward.

Possible Rewards:

Name Tradable? Name Tradable?
Magic Jade: Spirit Cat + Pet Skill:Spirit Strength II + III + IV Yes Pet Gender Reverser Yes
Magic Jade: Bloodmoon Fox + Pet Skill: Eclipse II + Pet Skill: Eclipse III Yes Morning Dew 5 No
Magic Jade: Angelic + Pet Skill:Penalty of Justice II Yes Fairy's Feather *2 No
Magic Jade: Dodo + Pet Skill: Eagle Eye II Yes Merged Spirit *10 No
Magic Jade: Impi + Pet Skill:Imp Trick II Yes Durable Super Pet Exp Potion *3 No
Spring Water No Rank Spell *3 No
Brave Loyal Dog Egg No Energy Holy Water *5 No
Greater Pixie Bag Yes Magic Bell *20 No

Note: This page will disappear after Oct 31 23:59 EST (GMT -5), so be sure to use up all your free chances before then!