Jan 19 00:00 - Jan 22 23:59 EDT (GMT -5)

0 Event Points remain!

Rules and Regulations

1. Purchases made during the event will get you an according amount of Event Points (1 Gold = 1 Event Point). 2,000 Event Points will be deducted to deal 1 hit to the one of the above bosses.

2. There are 3 bosses in total (The Beginner, The Veteran, and The Master) – hitting any of the bosses will get you a random reward.

3. Every boss has a fixed amount of HP (The Beginner: 10 HP; The Veteran: 20 HP; The Master: 30 HP). Each hit will take 1 HP off the boss of choice; when a boss' HP reaches 0, the boss dies. But wait, that's not all - you'll get an ADDITIONAL reward (it's random, though!)! Of course, the rewards gained from all 3 bosses are different.

4. You can choose to revive a slain boss by clicking on the Revive button below the according boss (1,000 Event Points will be consumed this way).